Which embroidery machine is best?

Well, is hard to choose a universal best embroidery machine that serves everyone and for everything.

It really depends on what is it that you need. So, instead of wondering what is the best embroidery machine, think for what purpose will you be using your new embroidery machine.

One with a small embroidery area to make logos? For general clothing such and hoodies or sweatshirts? For hats? Embroidery Business maybe? Do you want a multi-needle machine? Or maybe you want a machine that best serves beginners? It’s a whole world out there and there’s plenty of great models.

Let’s review the best of the best, the top embroidery machines that everyone is buying.

Embroidery Machine Comparison Chart

A great strategy, to begin with, is to compare the features of the embroidery machines’ bestsellers.

*Speed Per Minute: referring to the number of stitches a machine can perform in a minute.
**Area: referring to the maximum embroidery area that an embroidery machine can reach.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Embroidery Machine for one’s needs

Features to Consider in any Embroidery Machine

First of all, have in mind that the model you choose should be based on the size and scope of future projects, your budget, and your skill level. You don´t want to waste any money on an over-featured machine.

Hoop Capability

The hoop capability refers to the hoop size within of which your machine will be embroidering on. That is if you decide to go for the computerized embroidery machine. You might want a multi-hoop embroidery machine to work on several designs at the same time. Another option is to buy some spare hoops of different sizes. Don´t miss this article if you want to learn more about different hoop options.

Built-in Stitches

When speaking of built-in stitches, we are talking about the number of specialty stitches that the machine can sew – zig-zag, straight-stitch, etc. We will sometimes get a map of stitches on the front side of the device. Some may be decorative while others functional such as those for hemming or buttonholes. Nowadays it is unlikely that an embroidery sewing machine won´t have at least ten of these installed. Computerized embroidery machines always bring plenty of them among their features. Built-in Stitches Graphic

Built-in Embroidery Designs

This feature is a particular one. Any machine will come with easy and straightforward embroidery designs and patterns these days. Nevertheless, depending on the embroidery machine that you finally choose, it will include more or fewer designs. If you decide you go for a cheaper version thinking that you don´t need to overspend your money, think twice. The more 2D designs and patterns included, the better. The main reason is that you will have to pay if you wish to use some other not included in your brand new machine. Some computerized embroidery machines come with more than 250 fantastic embroidery designs and patterns.

Ability of Editing

This one is another unique feature. After all, it will allow you to correct the designs and patterns that the machine includes giving you plenty of possibilities to play with. Let´s say you want to add a black line along the border of the design to add that quality touch that we all looking for. If your machine has this feature included, you won´t feel that you have to be content with the design. You will be able to actually improve it!

USB Computer Connectivity / Built-in Memory

If you want to buy new designs online or create your ones to embroider, later on, then make sure that the machine of your choice comes with the USB connectivity so that you can transfer those. Some machines also come with built-in memory for the same purpose.

LCD Screen

With new technologies, screens have become a prominent feature to add to machines since they bring a much enjoyable experience thanks to the possibilities that brings with it. Depending on the unit, it can even include high-resolution color screens or the possibility of on-screen design editing. Brilliant, isn´t it? LCD Screen Examples

Machine Size

Taking into consideration the size of the unit is a no brainer. Make sure you have the space to fit in the embroidery machine you want to get.

Number of needles

A single-needle embroidery machine will need you to change threads while working. On the contrary, a multi-needle one would do it alone. So if you are one of those people who already know that time is money, you may want to invest in one of these and use the time machine uses to embroider, to write a new book or work outside in your garden. Of course, expect a higher range of prices as well.


Stabilizers are pieces of different materials that are used to put under the section of fabric to embroider on with the end of making the stitching process possible. Think of any embroidered hat or t-shirt that you have at home. Notice the white fabric that comes stitched on the inside of the embroidery? That is it. It also helps to create tension when putting any material in the hoop.

Monogram vs. Embroidery

Even if these two terms sound entirely different, in reality, both of them are used interchangeably. While embroidery covers any craft design made out of threads being stitched into a piece of fabric, a monogram is just a motif of two or more initials put together to show ownership of something or to add decoration to a piece of garment or accessory. You could embroider a monogram with a regular sewing machine. However, if you are looking for an embroidery machine for monogramming, you must know that it will also be able to embroider many other things. Besides, any embroidery machine will be capable of monogramming anything you´d like.

Types of Embroidery Sewing Machines

There are several types of embroidery machines.

Mechanical Embroidery Machines

These first embroidery machines are oldies but goodies. These sewing machines are always a good option if you know how to use them and you want to put in the time. They´re the simplest home embroidery machines that you will find in the market and use a rotating wheel to function. Even though big brands like Brother or Singer still manufacture these, the reality is that they are very limited in features. You will also need to change bobbins if you want to combine different colors. A big perk is that you will stay within a low budget.

Hat Embroidery Machines

After reading this article on embroidery machines for hats, you’ve probably realized that specialized machines fr caps do exist. These professional embroidery machines are very advanced and easily distinguished for having a sewing surface adapted to embroider on hats and t-shirts. Multi-Needle Hat Embroidery Machine

Decorative Embroidery Machines

A bit ahead of the mechanical machines, automatic embroidery machines will require you to be the creative mind while they do the actual work. With a wide range of different features depending on the model and the brand, these machines have become the most typical buy for private users since for little money you get outstanding results. Electronic Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Computerized Embroidery Machines

Prepare yourself some tea, put your mind to rest, and enjoy the views for these machines will do all the work for you. Meet the best embroidery machine out in the market. Using very sophisticated technology these automatic embroidery machines are very much into fashion right now. They allow you to recreate any design you want out there on the fabric of your choice and hands-on free. These embroidery machines also have the broadest range of features including multiple needle positions, an automatic needle threader, over a hundred stitching functions, different stitch patterns, a screen display for both width and length of the thread among many others. All of which makes these the best embroidery machines for small business, home business, and home use. Computerized Embroidery Only Machines: Brother PE 800

Same if they are single-needle or multi-needle, these embroidery machines can even read memory sticks through USB, so you don´t need to do much more than uploading your picture, setting up the threads and features, and put it to embroider for you. These types of machines will embroider anything you want them to do letters, words and names, monograms, logos, and all sorts of designs. And you will be able to do it on any clothes, fabrics, quilts, and even leather if not done too often. The single-needle machine is the perfect kind of embroidery machine for beginners. The price goes up a bit from several hundred to a few thousand. But if you have a budget, you will probably find an inexpensive one that does the trick. A higher price but oh so worthy!

CNC Embroidery Machines

CNC, from Computer Numerical Control, refers to basically all kinds of robotic embroidery machines. From the home use computerized embroidery machines to very advanced professional ones. If it works by itself after programmed instructions, then it is probably considered a CNC embroidery machine. CNC Embroidery Machine

Professional Embroidery Machines

These industrial embroidery machines are manufactured for more substantial businesses of which its production needs to be made in big spaces like those of fabrics. Thanks to that, professional machines can be as noisy as they go without bothering any neighbors. And this is my way of telling you that unless you are expanding your small business soon, you don´t need to invest in one of these to embroider your logo.

Monogram vs. Embroidery

Even if these two terms sound entirely different, in reality, both of them are used interchangeably. While embroidery covers any craft design made out of threads stitched into a piece of fabric, a monogram is just a motif of two or more initials put together to show ownership of something or to add decoration to a piece of garment or accessory. You could embroider a monogram with a regular sewing machine. However, if you are looking for an embroidery machine for monogramming, you must know that it will also be able to embroider many other things. Besides, any embroidery machine will be capable of monogramming anything you´d like.

What is an Embroidery Machine?

If you are not sure of what an embroidery machine is, you might not know what embroidery looks like. Remember those movies featuring women from other centuries in which they spent their time decorating fabrics or other materials? Those women where embroidering. And they used to make all these beautiful crafts that nowadays most of us can only dream of doing, right? Well, what if I tell you that there is a machine that reproduces whichever motive you´d like to embroider on any fabric? And without wasting that much time? Since the advancements in the computerized machine in the last decade, embroidery machines have become available for private use. And with it, a wide range of brands and different models with different features. Therefore, different prices for every pocket. Sewing and Embroidery Machine Combo

icon-lightbulb-o Using a low-quality thread and a high speed when embroidering increases the chances of thread breakage.

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What is the best sewing and embroidery machine for beginners?

As stated before, our number one choice is the Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine. Nevertheless, if you know for sure that you will keep embroidering for years, know that you can potentially grow out of it soon. A smart thing to do is to invest in a machine like the Brother SE1900 or the Janome Memory Craft 9850 that are beginner-friendly, very easy to use, and are so well designed and manufactured that will last a lifetime.

What is the Best Brother Embroidery Only Machine?

If you are thinking of an Embroidery Only Machine, I cannot recommend the Brother PE800 enough. It has every necessary feature for a home embroidery machine, and it works like no other for a very reasonable price. You may want to read all about it.

If you are considering buying a combination machine, you may read this article from the very beginning. If you do, you’ll learn how to choose your new machine depending on your budget and the different features that each model includes. Different models could do the trick for you, so choose wisely. In a low budget range, we believe that Brother PE535, Brother PE550D, and Brother SE600 could not offer better quality or features. If your budget is a bit higher, and you are looking for a combination machine to both sew and perform embroidery, a good option could be Brother SE1900. You can read the article where we review all these Brother Embroidery Machines in case you are interested.

What is the cheapest embroidery machine?

Some of the cheapest embroidery machines that you will find on the market today and that have very reasonable quality for the price are the Brother SE600, the PE535, and the PE550D. You will find here an article with their reviews and some other options here.

What is the best embroidery machine on the market?

Personally, if you are considering buying an Embroidery Only machine, I couldn’t think of a better home machine than the newest Brother PE800. However, if you are more inclined to destine your budget to a Sewing and Embroidery Combination Machine, in this article, I will recommend you three different options depending on your budget.

What is a Combination or Combo Machine?

A Combination or Combo Machine is the one that can both sew straight and embroider on 2D designs like those from companies’ logos or Disney t-shirts. It is what we also call a Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

Is a sewing machine and embroidery machine the same thing?

No, it is not. A sewing machine will mostly do straight stitches while and computerized embroidery machine will stitch 2D designs. Nowadays, every sewing machine will include some decorative stitches that some people consider embroideries. Nevertheless, a true embroidery machine will be able to stitch flat designs such as those from logos, monogrammed names or caps, and t-shirts.