Best Industrial Sewing MachineIf you’re an ambitious tailor and not afraid of challenges, any of these industrial sewing machines are a great option for you. Moving up the price point and features to a professional stand-alone cabinet machine is a great investment and the right decision to keep improving your sewing skills or growing your business.

Must-Have Features when choosing the best industrial machine

Here are some basic features you should consider:

  A walking foot feed becomes crucial for leatherwork;

 If you don’t want to buy a walking foot machine, acquire a Walking Foot Accessory or a Rolling Presser Foot Accessory.

  Make sure that the pressure foot high is tall enough for the project you are working on;

  Make sure that the machine takes the thread size that you need to work with;

  Make sure you can install a speed reducer for detailed stitching;

  Decide whether you want a flatbed table or a cylinder head on your machine.

  Proper industrial machine needles for each kind of material. An easy way to see if you have the right one is to have a look at the top part of it. If it is completely round, you’re good to go. If you see a flat side, what you actually have in your hands is a leather needle specifically designed for home sewing machines.

Best 7 Industrial Sewing Machines to Buy

Best Household Hybrid. Juki 2010Q Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Ideal for: Light to Medium Weight Materials.

Budget: $$$$ Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star-half


      • Included Feet: Standard, Zipper, Even Feed, ¼ Quilting.
      • Built-In Stitches: Straight Stitch Only
      • Buttonholes: None
      • Free Arm: No

Best for Making Clothes. Juki DDL-5550N Industrial Sewing Machine

Ideal for: Light to Medium Weight Materials.

Budget: $$$$

Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star-half-empty


      • Machine Type: Straight Lockstitch
      • Speed per minute: 5500 spm

This model is one of a kind. Not only is it by the great valued Juki, but it’s also made in Japan, making it worthy of the extra dollars it costs. In fact, the design basis is essentially the same as bestseller Juki DDL8700 but with the added Japanese manufacture quality touch, perfect for making clothes and all sorts of garments.

Thanks to the servo motor included in this offer, Juki 5550N is made to sew on medium-weight materials and becomes extremely quiet.

Also, if you are a beginner and are not used to industrial high speeds, you can turn the adjustable servo motor low until you get the hang of it. Honestly, soon you will realize that it’s easier to use than any home machine.

The bobbin winder is one more useful feature. You can sew and wind simultaneously and it will automatically stop once it’s full and you’ll save time and keep your focus on sewing. If you want an industrial machine to use on other medium-weight materials apart from leather, I find it a great choice for you.

You’ll soon see that the Juki DDL5550N controls even the slipperiest leather with the right accessories. Simply use the right leather needle and a foot accessory.

Lastly, know that it comes with a sewing table and servo motor included. And to make it even worthier, you’ll get it delivered on a pallet, fully assembled and at no extra cost, saving you some good mechanical aid money. Ironically, if you live in a two-story house and your sewing room is upstairs, you might have to hire a mover, because it’s very heavy.

The positive side is that it comes almost ready to start sewing. Just screw the thread holder, add some oil and plug it in. That’s it.

  • Bobbin winder to save you time
  • The added quality of ‘Made in Japan’ products
  • Includes Servo Motor & Table
  • Fully assembled
  • Non-Walking Foot Machine (allows walking foot accessory)

Best for Denim. Juki DDL-8700 Industrial Sewing Machine

Ideal for: Soft to Medium Leather. Suede and light materials / Medium to Thick Leather with Walking Foot Accessory. Medium to Heavy Materials.

Budget: $$$

Our rating:icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star-o


      • Machine Type: Straight Lockstitch (both)
      • Speed per minute: 5500 spm / 4000 spm

Specifically manufactured for medium to heavy-weight fabrics, Juki DDL8700-H can use needle sizes from 16 to 22. That’s why Juki DDL8700H is a great option for you if you know you will often be sewing materials such as denim, vinyl, boat canvas or curtain, apart from medium weight leather.

Some good improvements Juki recently added to the design of this highly valued model include a better adjustment of the feed dog along with a thread take-up lever to increase efficiency and better stitch quality when working with different materials.

In addition, a good thing about Juki machines is their ease of operation, outstanding responsiveness, and huge reliability even at high speeds. You will create seams of consistent quality, no matter what material.

And, understanding that you may not have a sewing table for your new machine, know that if you only buy the head, a mounted seat will be included in the package so you can use it until you get a hold of a sewing table. That way your’s machine’s bed surface won’t suffer as much, increasing its durability.

The option with servo motor guarantees low noise and low vibration to help create a comfortable environment in your sewing room, for you and your family.

  • Industrial Bestseller
  • Non-Walking Foot Machine (you need to add foot accessory)

Best Walking Foot. Juki DNU-1541S Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Ideal for: Thin to Thick Leather. Heavy Weight Materials.

Budget: $$$$

Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star-half-empty


      • Machine Type: Walking Foot
      • Speed per minute: 2500 spm

Juki DNU-1541S is sold as a full unit which includes the head of the machine, a built-in industrial table, the stand, a clutch motor, a sewing light, a drawer, and all the necessary components pre-installed and ready to sew.

You could say that this model is the best walking foot machine for the money as it easily stitches through multiple layers of leather without a problem. As you probably know, when working on leather, you sometimes want to slow motion for tricky areas or corners. Well, you’ll be amazed by the insanely sensitive pedal foot this model uses, it’s perfect for such tasks.

If you ever had problems with stitch gathering, you must know that this machine includes a special feature, the rectangular feed motion that will prevent the needle from fraying, assuring a consistent feeding of all thicknesses, no matter the material. Also, its double-tension mechanism offers great responsiveness.

Like many other units from this list, the Juki 1541S only performs straight and reverse stitches. After all, what makes this machine stand out is the speed and quality that delivers no matter how heavy the fabric you are working on is.

The S you can see at the end of the model name, Juki DNU-1541S, stands for Safety Motor. And what does that mean? Well, in the unwanted case of getting any issue while sewing, the engine of the machine will automatically stop running to prevent any potential damage. If you want to save money on this feature, go for the Juki DNU-1541.
  • Rectangular feeding, see review.
  • Double-tension Mechanism
  • It includes a clutch motor, so you’ll have to provide the servo motor for leather.

Best for Upholstery. Consew CP206RL Industrial Sewing Machine

Ideal for: Thick Leather. Heavy Materials.

Budget: $$$

Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star-o


      • Machine Type: Walking Foot
      • Speed per minute: 3000 spm

With an extended surface that folds up once you’re done sewing, this portable walking-foot Consew model comes with a carrying case that makes it easier for you to store it away or take it to sewing lessons. Consew

CP206RL is a straight stitch workhorse that produces up to 800 speed per minute and has been specifically manufactured for heavy duty work. It’s, in fact, perfect for leather sewing.

Every detail in this machine has been designed to easily manipulate thick fabrics: from the regulator of stitch length to the high clearance under the foot and the bottom dual feed.

  • Portable
  • Walking Foot
  • Needs oiling before use
  • Needs a speed reducer for leather
  • Foot might scratch leather

Best for Leather. Consew 206RB-5 Industrial Sewing Machine

Ideal for: Thin to Thick Leather. Heavy Materials.

Budget: $$$

Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star


      • Machine Type: Walking Foot
      • Speed per minute: 3300 spm

Best Cylinder Arm. TechSew 2750 Cylinder Arm Industrial Machine

Ideal for: Continuous sewing on tricky corners. Perfect for hats.

Budget: $$$$$$

Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star


      • Machine Type: Cylinder Bed, Walking Foot
      • Speed per minute: 2000 spm

This is a favorite for leather good professionals, from simple belts and wallets to beautifully made satchels and saddle bags. Of course, you can also use it for sewing other synthetic materials and heavy fabrics like canvas and denim.

This cylinder bed industrial sewing machine includes most of the latest tech features like a laser guide to help you sew with high precision or the automatic needle position system that will improve efficiency. It also allows you to stop the needle in the down position to easily turn the garment and keep sewing.

With the included roller edge guide you’ll accurately feed the material straight and the flatbed attachment converts the cylinder bed into a flat surface to better fit flat items such as wallets or belts.

A professional sewing machine equipped with the necessary accessories to ensure that you, as a leather crafter, can consistently produce high-quality results in all of your products.

  • Laser Guide for perfectly straight lines.
  • High accuracy of stitches.
  • The favorite of leather professionals.
  • High budget.

Best Industrial Sewing Machine Comparison Chart

Have a look at the top industrial sewing machine brands in this comparison chart where we compare the best commercial sewing machines for home use, you’ll only find machines with the highest quality motors.

*Speed Per Minute: referring to the number of stitches a machine can perform in a minute.

When and why should I buy an industrial sewing machine?

You definitely need an industrial leather sewing machine if you want to start a leather goods business from home. The main reason being the power size of your sewing machine motor.

The smaller the motor, the bigger the chance of burning it out when misusing it to make leather goods. And it’s to avoid this happening that you want to get a hold of a stitching machine that will include a motor design for heavy-duty sewing. By doing so, you will also make sure that the length of the stitches doesn’t grow down due to a lack of energy from the motor.

Downside? You must take into consideration that industrial sewing machines can be a bit pricey.

Huge perk? Industrial sewing machines are absolutely worthy when running a home-based business or if you need to be able to sew fast and get quality stitches. 

You just need to take into account that these heavy-duty machines can make a lot of noise depending on what motor they use. Also, they might require a higher demand for electricity than your average home sewing machine.

If you are an amateur and don’t often work on leather, be cautious before spending your money on one. But if you want to start sewing leather on a daily basis, maybe starting a business or simply sewing your own bags for life, invest in one.  You will never regret it and a good leather machine will last you a lifetime.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machines

Because heavy fabrics are such a complex material to sew, there are several different kinds of industrial sewing machines to use.

Depending on the Bed Style

The right one for you will depend on the item you want to create which will reflect on the manner of sewing which will determine the type of leather sewing machine that you will be needing. Each of them comes with different features and is usually made of high-quality metals for durability.

Understand that each of these machines has been designed to be used for very long periods of time on heavy-duty materials. This basically means that you won’t need to buy a new one each other year as if you had to when buying a domestic machine for the purpose of sewing continuously on leather or other heavy-duty materials.

Flatbed Sewing Machine

Think of the typical sewing machine used at home that includes a flat foot. It’s a flatbed sewing machine. An industrial flatbed sewing machine looks basically the same but normally isn’t portable.

Are you going to be sewing on flat pieces of material such as those of wallets, belts, leather dresses, vests, or skirts? Then a flat surface sewing machine like this one is what you need to get your hands on.

However, have a look at how high the foot can go if you want to sew several layers of leather or heavy fabric together.

Flatbed Industrial Sewing Machine

Cylinder-Bed Sewing Machine

Are you going to sew on hats, hidden purse corners, cuff, sleeves, or pants legs? Maybe round open leather surfaces like those from bags or saddles? Have this machine in mind.

Its main features are a cylindrical horizontal column that can vary in diameter and a hole on the surface table. Thanks to it, any Cylinder-Bed Sewing Machine allows the fabric to go round down the stitching area.

A downside for this type of machine is the fact that you can’t rest your arms on the table due to its hole. That means that you could get easily tired or bring tension to your back and neck due to poor postures.

Cylinder Bed Industrial Sewing Machine

Post-Bed Sewing Machine

This is an even more special machine used to reach difficult areas to stitch such as those of manufactured boots or work gloves. It is also broadly used to affix emblems to different garments.

The key to the Post-Bed Sewing Machine is its vertical column that rises above the flat surface of the table. Just like the Cylinder-Bed Machine, it can vary in diameter and height.

Post-Bed Industrial Sewing Machine

Feed-Off-the-Arm Sewing Machine

Being very limited in its usage, this very special sewing machine is used to sew on layers of different materials such as those in shoulder seams. You most likely won’t be needing this one unless you are starting your own clothing fabric.

Off-the-Arm Industrial Sewing Machine

Best Industrial Sewing Machine Brands

If you’re wondering what some of the best commercial sewing machine brands in the industry are, here’s our personal pick.

  • Consew
  • Juki
  • TechSew
  • Reliable
  • Highlead

Of course, there are other companies that provide excellent machines for extremely specific purposes. Unless that is the case, the manufacturers listed above produce a wide range of models that are popular among professionals, and their prices are still reasonable.

If you’re looking for a machine to perform some certain duty, please leave a comment and we’ll do our best to recommend a brand that will meet your needs.

Happy sewing!

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