Best Cobbler Sewing MachineNo matter the kind of projects you want to make, whether it’s for a home business or simply to add a new model to your sewing room, having a cobbler sewing machine can be extra handy.

Maybe you’re looking for a footwear sewing machine, or you want to fix tennis shoes, or you just want a cheap Chinese shoe patcher for your leather goods, no matter what you have in mind, we’ve created a list with a great option for every profile, from home users to professionals, a model for every pocket.

Best Budget. Cobbler Sewing Machines

YUEWO Cobbler Sewing Machine
ECO-WORTHY Cobbler Sewing Machine
YaeTek Cobbler Sewing Machine

For a little more than a hundred dollars, any of these hand-operated options, also known as a ‘Chinese cobbler sewing machine,’ can be the perfect and affordable upgrade tool to stop repairing heavy duty garments by hand.

What’s great about these shoe patchers is one, the affordable price, and two, the slim cylinder bed that can access any tricky corner of the item you’re working on. These are the cheapest version of an industrial cylinder bed machine you’ll ever find and the quality of the stitches will only depend on how good your skills are.

On the other hand, precisely for how affordable they are, and as they often come straight for third-world countries, you shouldn’t expect the machine to arrive beautifully packed. In fact, is more likely that you’ll have to clean the extra oil and sometimes even change or sand the presser foot to avoid it from scratching delicate items. Nevertheless, they’re iron cast which makes them super strong, so be certain that any of these cobbler sewing machines will last for ages without any issue.

You’ll love going back to our roots with this super affordable and great investment. Any sewing room could use one of these tough and reliable mechanical sewing machines.

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  • Affordable for every pocket.
  • Long-life durability.
  • Fix and make all sorts of goods, from leather shoes to vinyl bags.
  • The tripod stand is a bit flimsy.
  • You may want to use a strong surface as a base to take the best out of these machines.
  • Rough edges need fixing to avoid potential scratches.

Best for Amateurs. YEQIN Leather Patcher Sewing Machine Review

YEQIN Leather Patcher Industrial Sewing Machine

This leather patcher, designed specifically for leather crafters, sews at a low maximum speed and allows the user to rotate the head in any direction by moving the handle, making it ideal for sewing on difficult corners like shoulders or inside hats.

Since the feed dogs do not move in unison with the upper foot, it can’t be considered a walking food machine. It’s basically a jump foot sewing machine, and it can be driven manually or by motor.

This dual functionality, combined with its horizontal cylinder bed, makes it an excellent choice for leather makers who don’t want to spend a fortune on a far more specialized machine but would like to have the motor capability that cobbler sewing machines can’t provide.

  • Super long throat.
  • Can be used by hand or mechanically.
  • Horizontal cylinder bed ideal for bags, saddles, shoes, hats, etc.
  • Minor assembly and sanding is needed for proper functionality.

Best for Professionals. Techsew 2750 Pro Cylinder Bed Industrial Sewing Machine

TechSew 2750 Pro Cylinder Bed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Budget: $$$$$

Our rating: icon-staricon-staricon-staricon-staricon-star


      • Machine Type: Cylinder Bed, Walking Foot
      • Speed per minute: 2000 spm

This is a favorite for leather good professionals, from simple belts and wallets to beautifully made satchels and saddle bags. Of course, you can also use it for sewing other synthetic materials and heavy fabrics like canvas and denim.

This cylinder bed industrial sewing machine includes most of the latest tech features like a laser guide to help you sew with high precision or the automatic needle position system that will improve efficiency. It also allows you to stop the needle in the down position to easily turn the garment and keep sewing.

With the included roller edge guide you’ll accurately feed the material straight and the flatbed attachment converts the cylinder bed into a flat surface to better fit flat items such as wallets or belts.

A professional sewing machine equipped with the necessary accessories to ensure that you, as a leather crafter, can consistently produce high-quality results in all of your products.

  • Laser Guide for perfectly straight lines.
  • High accuracy of stitches.
  • The favorite of leather professionals.
  • High budget.

Shoes Cobbler Sewing Machines Comparison Chart

*Speed Per Minute: referring to the number of stitches a machine can perform in a minute.

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